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Laser Tattoo Removal in Greater Pittsburgh

Ink Eraser uses industry-leading Astanza laser technology to produce the best tattoo removal solutions throughout Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. We provide a variety of laser tattoo removal services to help you feel confident in your skin, including complete removal of unwanted tattoos, tattoo fading for cover-up preparation, selective removal of parts of a tattoo, and more.

Everything we do is centered around our clients’ wants and needs. We are determined to make each visit and treatment experience a great one, on top of delivering unparalleled results throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. No matter your reason for seeking laser tattoo removal, we are here to help, NOT judge. Everyone person and tattoo has a story; we just want to help erase the chapters that you are not happy with anymore.

For the safest treatments, fastest results, and utmost customer care, fill out the online form or call Ink Eraser today to schedule your complimentary laser tattoo removal consultation!

The Only Method That Works

Laser tattoo removal is the safest, most effective method for successfully removing unwanted tattoos fast and efficiently without permanent scarring. No other technique can access and target tattoo ink trapped deep in the skin’s dermal layer without causing any damage. Other removal methods like excision, acid injection, salabrasion, or dermabrasion are abrasive techniques that virtually always result in scarring. Tattoo removal creams on the other hand are flat-out ineffective and a combination of false advertising and bleaching ingredients that deceptively fade ink and nothing more.

Only professional laser tattoo removal with cutting-edge laser technology like our Astanza Duality can produce safe, fast, and optimal removal results.

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