2023 Best Lightening and Cover-Up Contest Winner: Ink Eraser

Ink Eraser totally rocked the tattoo lightening game and snagged the top spot in the contest! They’re all about turning old, stubborn tattoos into something you can work with, thanks to some awesome tech from Astanza. They make it so you can cover up the old ink with something way cooler, and the results? Just wow!

Check out the before-and-after shots they entered in the contest. It’s like night and day! They only needed three sessions to lighten up the tattoo enough for a fresh new piece. Then, tattoo artist Johnny Connors over at Skin Deep Tattoo Gallery in Pittsburgh worked his magic to create some stunning new art on that spot. Ink Eraser’s knack for making tough tattoo fixes into perfect spots for new ink is seriously impressive. Big congrats to Ink Eraser for nailing it!